A PlayStation is a home video game console developed and marketed by Sony Computer Entertainment. The console was first released in Japan on December 3, 1994, and subsequently released in North America, Europe, and other regions. The PlayStation is the first "computer entertainment platform" to ship 100 million units, which it had achieved nine years and six months after its initial launch.

The PlayStation 2, which is backwards compatible with the PlayStation's DualShock controller and games, was announced in 1999 and launched in 2000. The PlayStation 2 is the best-selling home console to date, having sold over 155 million units worldwide.

The PlayStation 3 was launched in 2006 and has sold over 80 million consoles worldwide as of November 2013. The console's success has been credited to its integrated Blu-ray Disc player and its online service, the PlayStation Network, which has over 110 million users worldwide.

The PlayStation 4 was announced on February 20, 2013 and is scheduled to be released in November 2013. The console is said to be "more powerful than any other console on the market", and will feature a new controller with a built-in touchpad.

Why is PS5 out of stock?

The PlayStation 5 is out of stock because it is a new console that was released in November 2020. There has been high demand for the console since its release, and Sony has not been able to keep up with the demand. This has led to the console being out of stock at many retailers. Is Tekken 8 a PS5 exclusive? No, Tekken 8 is not a PS5 exclusive. The game is also available on Xbox Series X|S and PC. How much is PlayStation now? As of September 2020, a PlayStation Now subscription costs $9.99/month in the United States, $12.99 in Canada, £8.99 in the United Kingdom, and €9.99 in Europe. A subscription grants access to the PlayStation Now library of over 800 PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 games, which can be streamed to a PlayStation 4 or Windows PC, or downloaded to a PlayStation 4.

How long will a PS4 last? The PS4 has a life expectancy of around 5-10 years. However, this is only an estimate and the console's lifespan will ultimately come down to how well it is cared for. For example, if the console is kept in a cool and dry environment and is not subject to any physical wear and tear, then it could potentially last much longer than 10 years. Conversely, if the console is subject to extreme temperatures or is frequently handled roughly, then its lifespan will be reduced.

Is PS4 worth 2022?

The simple answer to the question is "No." The PS4 was released in 2013 and will be nine years old by the time 2022 rolls around. It is very unlikely that it will still be a relevant console by that time, especially given the fact that the PS5 will have been released by then.

That being said, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, the PS4 has a large and diverse games library, which will still be playable in 2022. Secondly, the console is relatively affordable, so it may be worth picking one up now if you're looking for a cheap way to play current-generation games. Finally, it's possible that the PS4 could still be supported by Sony in 2022, although this is unlikely.

So, in conclusion, the PS4 is not likely to be a relevant console in 2022, but it may still be worth considering if you're looking for a cheap way to play current-generation games.