NORAD Santa tracker

NORAD Santa tracker is an Internet-based service that provides users with information about the location of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. The service is provided by the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), a joint venture of the United States and Canada.

NORAD Santa tracker began as a result of a misprinted phone number in a 1955 advertisement. The phone number was supposed to connect callers to Santa's workshop, but instead connected them to the phone line of the Continental Air Defense Command Center (now NORAD). Colonel Harry Shoup, the commander of the center, had his staff answer calls and provide updates on Santa's location. The tradition continued and eventually expanded to include an email and website service.

NORAD Santa tracker is one of the most popular services provided by NORAD. On Christmas Eve, the website receives millions of hits and the phone line receives tens of thousands of calls. Where is Santa coming right now? According to the website NORAD Tracks Santa, Santa is currently in Seoul, South Korea. What time does NORAD start tracking Santa? NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) starts tracking Santa on December 24th every year. You can visit their website on Christmas Eve to see Santa's current location, as well as get updates on his progress as he delivers presents around the world. Is Google Santa Tracker real? Yes, Google Santa Tracker is real. It is an annual Christmas tradition created by Google where users can track Santa Claus's journey around the world on Christmas Eve. Is Santa Claus real yes or no? No, Santa Claus is not real. Is Santa alive? No, Santa is not alive. He is a mythical character who is said to bring gifts to good children on Christmas Eve.