Net price

Net price is the total cost of a product or service after all discounts and taxes have been applied. The net price is the final price that a customer will pay for a product or service.

What is net price vs list price?

Net price and list price both refer to the price of a product or service. Net price is the price after discounts and rebates have been applied, while list price is the full, undiscounted price. In other words, net price is the price you actually pay, while list price is the sticker price.

Discounts and rebates can come in the form of coupons, sales, or special promotions. Many times, the net price will be lower than the list price, but not always. It all depends on the specific product or service and the current offers. Does the net price include tax? No, the net price does not include tax. How do you calculate net price? Net price is calculated by subtracting any discounts from the total price. Is net price after VAT? The answer to this question depends on your specific ERP system, but in general, the net price after VAT is the price of the item excluding VAT. Is net price before or after tax? Net price is the price of a product or service after taxes have been applied.