LoRa Alliance

The LoRa Alliance is a nonprofit technology alliance. Its members collaborate to develop, promote and enable the LoRaWAN™ specification as the open global standard for secure, carrier-grade IoT LPWAN connectivity. The Alliance membership consists of a diverse global community of startups,Wireless IoT semiconductor vendors, IoT application, module and gateway providers, service providers and academia. Its members share a common vision of enabling simple, secure, power-efficient IoT solutions that benefit people, business and the environment.

How many members does the LoRa Alliance have? The LoRa Alliance is a non-profit association of companies that support the LoRaWAN™ specification for low-power wide-area networks (LPWANs). As of July 2019, the LoRa Alliance has over 500 members, including telecom operators, network operators, application developers, equipment manufacturers, semiconductor vendors, and system integrators. What does LoRaWAN stand for? LoRaWAN stands for Long-Range Wide-Area Network. It is a type of wireless network that is designed for long-range communication and is often used for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Is LoRa the same as LoRaWAN? LoRa and LoRaWAN are two different technologies that are often confused with one another. LoRa is a proprietary radio technology that is used to create a wireless network. LoRaWAN is an open standard that can be used with any radio technology.

How far can LoRa transmit?

LoRa is a long range wireless communication technology that has been specifically designed for the Internet of Things (IoT). LoRa uses unlicensed spectrum in the sub-gigahertz range and can transmit data at rates of up to 50 kbps. LoRa can transmit data over a distance of up to 10 km in urban environments and over a distance of up to 20 km in rural environments. Is LoRaWAN free? LoRaWAN is a free and open network protocol that is designed for low-power wide-area networks (LPWANs). LoRaWAN is based on the LoRa (long-range) radio technology developed by Semtech Corporation. LoRaWAN has been designed to provide seamless connectivity for a wide range of devices and applications in both urban and rural areas.