A facepalm is the physical gesture of placing one's hand across one's face, especially the mouth, in frustration, embarrassment, or incredulity.

The gesture is often expressed as the word "facepalm" followed by a descriptive verb, such as "facepalm herself" or "facepalm in disbelief."

The term can also be used as a noun to describe the act of facepalming, as in "he gave me an epic facepalm."

The term is thought to have originated in the early 2000s, though its exact etymology is unclear. It is likely a blend of the words "face" and "palm," though it may also be a play on the phrase "faux pas."

Facepalm has become a popular Internet meme, often used to express frustration or disbelief, and has been featured in a number of popular memes, such as "I Can Has Cheezburger?" and "Forever Alone." What does this emoji ? ♂ mean? This emoji is a combination of the ? Face Palm emoji and the ♂ Male Sign emoji. It is used to represent a male who is feeling embarrassed or frustrated.

What does this emoji ? ♀ mean?

The ? ♀ emoji is a ZWJ sequence combining ? Person Facepalming, ‍ Zero Width Joiner and ♀ Female Sign.

This emoji is used to indicate disbelief, frustration, or disappointment, often in response to something that was just said. It can also be used to express sympathy or solidarity with someone who is experiencing a similar feeling.

Why do we face palm?

There are a few reasons why we face palm. The first reason is because we're embarrassed. We might face palm because we've made a mistake or because we're feeling awkward. The second reason is because we're trying to cover our face. This might be because we're trying to hide our emotions or because we're trying to avoid making eye contact. The third reason is because we're trying to express our frustration. We might face palm because we're angry, because we're frustrated, or because we're trying to communicate that we're not happy with the current situation. What is the hand over mouth Emoji? The hand over mouth emoji is a gesture that is typically used to express shock, surprise, or disbelief. It can also be used to signify that someone is speechless or at a loss for words. Is it facepalm or face palm? There is no difference between "facepalm" and "face palm." They both refer to the act of putting one's hand over one's face in frustration, disbelief, or embarrassment.