Digital object identifier (DOI)

A digital object identifier (DOI) is a unique alphanumeric string used to identify an object in the digital world. DOIs are assigned to digital objects such as online articles, e-books, digital images, and data sets. They are used to provide a permanent link to the digital object so that it can be easily located and accessed by anyone with an Internet connection.

DOIs are managed by a variety of organizations, including commercial publishers, academic institutions, and professional organizations. When you click on a DOI link, you will be taken to the website of the organization that manages the DOI for the digital object.

How DOI find the Digital Object Identifier of an article?

The DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is a unique identifier for an article or other digital object. You can usually find the DOI for an article by looking at the citation information for the article. The DOI will be a string of numbers and/or letters, usually at the end of the citation. For example, the DOI for an article in the journal Nature might look like this: 10.1038/nature12345.

If you cannot find the DOI for an article, you can try searching for the DOI in a DOI lookup service such as CrossRef ( When referencing a journal article with a Digital Object Identifier How and where is the DOI noted? The DOI for a journal article is typically noted on the article itself, usually near the copyright information. It can also be found in the database where the article was found, or on the publisher's website. How DOI obtain a DOI? In order to obtain a DOI, you will need to register with a DOI registration agency. After you have registered with an agency, you will be able to create a DOI for your content.

Is a DOI the same as a URL? NO, a DOI is not the same as a URL. A DOI is a unique identifier for an online resource, while a URL is a web address. While DOIs and URLs are both unique identifiers, they serve different purposes. DOIs are used to identify content, while URLs are used to locate content.

How DOI find the DOI of a PDF?

The DOI of a PDF can be found in the document's metadata, which can be viewed in the "File Properties" window. To open this window in Adobe Acrobat Reader, select "File" > "Properties" from the menu bar. The DOI should be listed under the "Identifiers" section.