The term "degauss" refers to the process of removing or reducing the magnetic field in a piece of electronic equipment. This can be done manually, using a degaussing coil, or automatically, using a degaussing circuit. Degaussing is necessary because magnetic fields can interfere with the proper functioning of electronic equipment. What does degauss mean in computer? Degauss means to demagnetize. When you degauss a computer screen, you're reducing the magnetism of the screen so that it doesn't produce a static image. What does it mean to degauss a TV? Degaussing is the process of reducing or eliminating the residual magnetic field in an object. This is often done to electronic devices, such as televisions, to correct color distortion. Does degaussing destroy a hard drive? Degaussing does not destroy a hard drive. It is a process of magnetically erasing data from a storage device. The data is not physically destroyed and can be recovered if the device is not properly degaussed. What can a degausser destroy? A degausser can destroy any type of electronic data storage device, including but not limited to: hard drives, solid state drives, SSDs, magnetic tapes, USB flash drives, and optical discs. Is degaussing permanent? Yes, degaussing is a permanent way to remove data from a storage device. Once data has been degaussed, it cannot be recovered.