DB-xx (DB-9, DB-15, DB-25, DB-50, DB-68)

The term "DB-xx" refers to a type of connector used for various purposes, including connecting computer peripherals and components. The number following "DB" indicates the number of pins or contacts on the connector. The most common types are DB-9 (9 pins), DB-15 (15 pins), DB-25 (25 pins), DB-50 (50 pins), and DB-68 (68 pins). These connectors are used for a variety of purposes, including connecting serial and parallel devices, video cards, and network cables. What is a DB 25 connector used for? A DB 25 connector is a type of connector typically used for RS-232 serial communications. It is named for its 25 pins, which are arranged in two rows. What does DB15 stand for? DB15 is a type of connector commonly used for computer video signals. It has 15 pins arranged in three rows, with each row containing five pins. What is DB 25? A DB25 connector is a D-subminiature connector used to connect various devices, most commonly computer printers. The "DB" designation stands for "data bus". The 25 refers to the number of pins in the connector. What is a DB 15 connector on a sound card? A DB 15 connector on a sound card is a type of connector used to connect the sound card to other audio devices. It is typically used to connect the sound card to speakers or headphones.

Is DB15 the same as VGA?

The DB15 connector is the connector typically used for VGA connections. However, there are a few key differences between the two. For one, DB15 connectors have 15 pins, while VGA connectors only have 9. Additionally, DB15 connectors are typically used for video signals, while VGA connectors are used for both video and audio signals.