Coulomb per meter cubed

The Coulomb per meter cubed is a unit of measurement for electric charge. It is equal to one Coulomb of charge per cubic meter of space. This unit is often used in the field of electronics. What is Newton per meter cube? Newton per meter cube is a unit of measure for magnetic field strength. It is equal to one Newton of force per meter of length cubed. What is the mass of 1 cubic meter? There is no definitive answer to this question as the mass of a cubic meter will depend on the material it is made up of. For example, a cubic meter of water has a mass of 1 tonne (1000 kg), whereas a cubic meter of air has a mass of only 1.29 kg. What is a coulomb per second? A coulomb per second is a unit of measure for electric charge. It is equal to the amount of charge passing through a given point in an electrical circuit per second. What is the value of 1 coulomb? A coulomb is a unit of electric charge. The value of 1 coulomb is equal to the charge of 6.242 x 10^18 electrons. What is meant by 1 coulomb? One coulomb (abbreviated as C) is the SI unit of electric charge. It is the charge carried by a constant current of one ampere for one second.