A chassis is the structural component of a vehicle that houses the vehicle's engine, transmission, and other key components. The chassis is the foundation upon which the rest of the vehicle is built. It is the frame that supports the vehicle's body, wheels, and other components.

What is the chassis meaning?

A chassis is the main frame of a vehicle, upon which the wheels and other components are attached. The word can also refer to the frame of a bicycle or motorcycle. In the case of a computer, the chassis refers to the metal frame that houses the internal components.

What are the 2 types of chassis?

1. Tower - A tower chassis is a tall, upright case that typically sits on the floor. Towers are a popular choice for desktop computers, as they offer more internal space than other types of chassis, making it easier to add or upgrade components.

2. Rackmount - A rackmount chassis is a horizontal case that is designed to be mounted in a 19-inch server rack. Rackmount chassis are often used for servers or other types of high-powered computers that need to be securely mounted in a rack. What is an example of a chassis? A chassis is a framework that supports and encloses a mechanical structure. In the case of an automobile, the chassis includes the frame, suspension, wheels, and engine.

What are types of chassis?

The term "chassis" generally refers to the physical frame or structure of an electronic device or system. In the context of computers, a chassis typically refers to the metal frame that encloses and supports the internal components of the system, including the motherboard, drives, and expansion cards. The term can also refer to the complete housing of a portable computer, which includes the display, keyboard, and other external features. What part of a car is the chassis? The chassis of a car is the part of the car that supports the body and contains the engine, transmission, and other major components.