Cold fusion

Cold fusion is a process in which two atoms are forced together at extremely high pressure and temperature, causing them to fuse together into a single heavier atom. This process releases a large amount of energy, which can be used to generate electricity. What is the cold fusion theory? The cold fusion theory is a … Read more


A digit is a single element of a numeral system, which is used to represent numbers. The most common numeral system is decimal, which uses 10 digits (0-9). Other numeral systems include binary (which uses 2 digits, 0 and 1), hexadecimal (which uses 16 digits, 0-9 and A-F), and octal (which uses 8 digits, 0-7). … Read more

Reboot (warm boot, cold boot)

A reboot is a restart of a computer system. There are two types of reboots: cold boot and warm boot. A cold boot is when the computer is turned off and then turned back on again. This is the most common type of reboot. A warm boot is when the computer is restarted without turning … Read more


A megabit is a unit of information equal to one million bits. How many MB is 1 MB? 1 megabyte (MB) is 1,000,000 bytes. Is megabit a Mbps? No, megabit is not a Mbps. Mbps stands for “megabits per second” and is a unit of measurement for data transfer speed. Megabit is simply a unit … Read more


An entity is a piece of data that represents something within a system. This could be a person, place, thing, or concept. In a database, each row in a table is considered an entity. Each column in a table represents an attribute of that entity. What is an example of an entity? An entity is … Read more


A header is a piece of code that is typically inserted at the top of a web page. Headers can be used to provide information about the page, such as the author, the date the page was last updated, or keywords that are associated with the page. Headers can also be used to redirect visitors … Read more


The term “default” is used in a variety of different contexts, but most commonly it refers to a computer’s factory settings. When you purchase a new computer, it is typically configured with a set of default settings that are chosen by the manufacturer. These settings can include the computer’s language, time and date, and the … Read more


A Furby is a robotic toy that was first released in 1998. It is capable of a range of emotions and actions, including singing, dancing, and talking. How much is a Furby worth now? The Furby is a robotic toy that was first released in 1998. It was extremely popular for a few years, but … Read more


A webmaster is a person responsible for maintaining one or more websites. The duties of a webmaster typically include ensuring that the website is available and accessible, and ensuring that the site remains relevant and up-to-date. A webmaster may also be responsible for managing website content, performing website updates, and monitoring website traffic. What is … Read more