Oscillation is the periodic variation, typically in voltage or current, of an electric or electronic signal. The most common type of oscillation is a sine wave, but other waveforms are also possible. Oscillations can be either periodic, such as the motion of a pendulum, or aperiodic, such as the sound of a drum. What is … Read more

Java Ring

A Java ring is a type of hardware device that is used to store and execute Java code. The Java ring is worn on the finger like a regular ring, and contains a small amount of memory and a microprocessor. The Java ring allows the wearer to execute Java code and applications, and provides a … Read more

Bang-bang (bang-bang control)

Bang-bang control is a type of feedback control in which the output is either fully on or fully off. The output is switched between these two states in order to maintain the desired input. Bang-bang control is often used in systems where a digital signal is used to control an analog process, such as in … Read more