Bitly is a URL shortening service which provides users with a shorter, more convenient URL for a given website. It is useful for sharing links on social media or in other situations where a long URL would be cumbersome. Bitly also provides users with analytics about how many people have clicked on a given link. Is Bitly for free? Yes, Bitly is a free service. You can use it to shorten URLs, track clicks, and get detailed statistics about your links.

Is Bitly is safe?

Yes, Bitly is safe to use. Bitly is a URL shortening service that has been around since 2008. It is one of the most popular URL shorteners, and is used by millions of people every day.

Bitly is a safe and convenient way to shorten URLs. It is not associated with any malicious activity, and is not known to have ever been hacked. However, like any service, there is always a small risk that something could go wrong.

If you are concerned about safety, you can always create a Bitly account and set a password. This will add an extra layer of security, and will ensure that only you can access your links.

How do I shorten a URL for free?

1. There are many free URL shortening services available online, such as TinyURL (, Bitly (, and Google URL Shortener (

2. To use a URL shortening service, simply enter the long URL into the input field on the website and click the "shorten" button. The short URL will then be generated and displayed.

3. To share the short URL, simply copy and paste it into the desired location (e.g. social media post, email, etc.).

Can Bitly be a virus?

Bitly is a URL shortening service which has been used by hackers in the past to disguise malicious links. However, Bitly itself is not a virus and is not malicious. However, it is important to be cautious when clicking on any links shortened using Bitly, as they could potentially lead to malicious websites. How long does a Bitly link last? Bitly links do not expire, but they may be deactivated if they are not used for an extended period of time.