Azure Notification Hubs

Azure Notification Hubs is a service that enables you to send push notifications to any mobile device or platform from any back-end (in the cloud or on-premises). With a single API call, you can send notifications to millions of users with high throughput and reliability.

How do I set up Azure notification hub?

There are two ways to set up Azure Notification Hubs: using the Azure portal, or using the Azure CLI.

Using the Azure portal:

1. Sign in to the Azure portal.
2. Click Create a resource > Internet of Things > Notification Hub.
3. In the Create notification hub blade, enter the following information:

- Subscription: Select your Azure subscription.
- Resource group: Create a new resource group or select an existing one.
- Region: Select the region in which you want to create your notification hub.
- Name: Enter a name for your notification hub. This name must be unique within your Azure subscription.
- Pricing tier: Select the pricing tier for your notification hub. For more information, see Azure Notification Hubs pricing.
4. Click Create.

The Azure portal opens the notification hub overview blade for the notification hub you created.

Using the Azure CLI:

1. Install the Azure CLI.
2. Sign in to your Azure account using the Azure CLI.
3. Create a resource group for your notification hub using the az group create command.
4. Create a notification hub using the az notification-hub create command.
5. The Azure CLI creates a notification hub with the following default settings:

- The Standard pricing tier.
- The West US region.
- The notification hub name you specified.

To view the details of your

How do I send notifications to Azure notification hub?

To send a notification to an Azure notification hub, you will need to use the Azure Management Portal. First, create a new notification hub instance. You can do this by clicking on the "New" button at the bottom of the portal, and selecting "App Services", then "Notification Hub".

Next, give your notification hub instance a name and select the pricing tier. You can then click on the "Create" button to create the notification hub.

Once the notification hub has been created, you will need to configure it. Click on the notification hub instance, and then click on the "Configure" tab.

In the "Configure" tab, you will need to select the "Push" tab, and then click on the "Configure Push" button.

In the "Configure Push" window, you will need to select the "Azure Notification Hubs" tab.

In the "Azure Notification Hubs" tab, you will need to select the notification hub that you created earlier.

Next, you will need to select the "Registered App" tab.

In the "Registered App" tab, you will need to select the app that you want to send the notification to.

Finally, you will need to click on the "Save" button to save the changes.

How do I send Azure push notifications?

1. Go to the Azure portal, and select your mobile app.

2. In the left navigation panel, select Push.

3. Select Send.

4. In the Send push notification dialog box, do the following:

a. In the Message text box, enter the message you want to send.

b. Select the Audience drop-down list, and then select All.

c. Select the Delivery time drop-down list, and then select Now.

d. Select Send.

Your push notification is sent immediately to all the devices that are registered with your mobile app.

How do I send SMS from Azure?

To send SMS from Azure, you can use the Azure portal or the Azure CLI.

To use the Azure portal, navigate to the Azure portal and sign in with your Azure account. Then, search for and select "SMS" in the search bar. On the SMS blade, select "Send SMS."

On the Send SMS blade, enter the phone number you want to send the SMS to in the "To" field. Enter the message you want to send in the "Message" field. Then, select "Send."

To use the Azure CLI, first install the Azure CLI. Then, open a command prompt and run the following command:

az sms send --phone-number --message

Replace with the phone number you want to send the SMS to, and replace with the message you want to send.