XPRL (Extensible Public Relations Language)

XPRL (Extensible Public Relations Language) is a standard for representing public relations information in a machine-readable format. It is designed to facilitate the exchange of public relations information between different software applications and systems. Is XBRL a programming language? No, XBRL is not a programming language. XBRL is a data format for financial statements that can be read by computers. Which of the following is the underlying language the eXtensible Business Reporting Language XBRL uses? XBRL is an XML-based language, so its underlying language is XML.

What is XBRL extension?

XBRL extension is a standard for electronic communication of business and financial data which is designed to improve the accessibility and usability of financial information. The XBRL standard is developed and maintained by the XBRL International consortium.

XBRL extension provides a structure for the electronic representation of financial data which makes it easier to exchange and reuse data between different applications and systems. The standard is based on XML (Extensible Markup Language) which is a widely used format for electronic data exchange.

XBRL extension is used by a growing number of companies and organizations around the world to improve the efficiency and quality of financial information exchange.

What is XBRL and where is it used?

XBRL is a markup language for financial data that is designed to improve the communication and analysis of business information. It is used by businesses, accounting firms, and regulators around the world.

businesses use XBRL to improve the efficiency of their financial reporting processes
accounting firms use XBRL to improve the quality and consistency of their financial data
regulators use XBRL to improve the transparency and comparability of financial data

XBRL is based on XML (Extensible Markup Language), a standard for encoding data that is widely used on the web. XML is a flexible and powerful technology, but it is not well suited for financial data. XBRL was developed to address the specific needs of the financial community.

XBRL is a voluntary, open standard that is maintained by an international consortium of businesses, accounting firms, and regulators. The consortium, called XBRL International, develops and maintains the XBRL specification. businesses, accounting firms, and regulators around the world are working together to promote the use of XBRL.

What is XBRL and how does it work?

XBRL is a computer language for the electronic communication of business and financial data. It is a specification of XML, the Extensible Markup Language.

XBRL allows companies to describe their financial statements in a way that computers can understand. This makes it possible for software programs to automatically process and analyze financial data.

XBRL is also being used for other purposes, such as the reporting of environmental data and the exchange of product information.