A volt is a unit of measurement for electrical potential difference and electromotive force. In its SI unit form, the volt is equal to one joule per coulomb. What is the work of Volt? Volt is a unit of measurement for electrical potential difference, or voltage. It is the SI unit for voltage and is named after the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta (1745-1827). What are volts units? Volts are the basic unit of measurement for voltage. Voltage is the difference in electric potential between two points, and is typically measured in volts. Is Volt an SI unit? No, the volt is not an SI unit. The SI unit of electric potential difference is the volt, which is equivalent to a joule per coulomb. Is volt a reputable company? Yes, Volt is a reputable company. They are known for making quality electronics and have a good reputation in the industry. What kind of drug test does volt do? Volt does not conduct drug testing.