UpperCamelCase is a term used to describe a naming convention where the first letter of each word in a phrase is capitalized, with no spaces or punctuation between the words. This convention is often used for class and interface names in object-oriented programming. What is CamelCase vs PascalCase? PascalCase means that the first letter of each word is upper case, while CamelCase means that the first letter of each word except the first word is upper case. For example, "thisIsCamelCase" and "ThisIsPascalCase".

What is kebab case example?

Kebab case is a wordplay on the dish "kebab" and the case sensitivity of programming languages. It is a naming convention where words are concatenated together and separated by dashes, similar to how kebabs are made by stringing meat and vegetables together on a skewer.

For example, in JavaScript, the variable my-name-is-joe would be written as myNameIsJoe in kebab case. What is snake_case naming style? Snake_case is a naming style where all letters are lowercase and words are separated by underscores. Is iPhone camel case? No, iPhone is not camel case. Where can I use a snake case? A snake case is a word that is spelled with all lowercase letters and that uses an underscore to separate words. This type of case is often used in programming languages, as it can make code easier to read.