Unified Functioning Testing Certification

Unified Functioning Testing Certification (UFT) is a certification that validates an individual's skills and knowledge in using the Unified Functioning Testing tool. The certification is offered by the Software Testing Qualifications Board (STQB).

What is UFT software testing?

UFT (formerly QuickTest Professional) is a software testing tool from Micro Focus. It provides functional and regression test automation for software applications and environments. UFT uses the VBScript scripting language to specify a test's actions and to check for expected results. What language does UFT use? UFT uses a proprietary scripting language called "Unified Functional Testing Language" (UFTL). This language is designed specifically for testing applications and has a syntax that is similar to Visual Basic. In respect to this, what is uft training? UFT training is a process by which an individual can learn how to use the software in order to automate testing processes. This type of training can be beneficial for those who wish to streamline their testing process and save time. Is UFT still in demand? Yes, UFT is still in demand. There are many organizations that still use UFT for their functional testing needs.

And another question, which is better selenium or uft?

There is no clear answer as to which tool is better, as it depends on individual preferences and opinions. Some people may prefer Selenium for its open source nature, while others may find UFT's comprehensive feature set more advantageous. Ultimately, the decision of which tool to use depends on the specific needs of the user.