True power

True power is the power required by a load to perform its essential function. It is the power that a load must draw from a power source to operate at its specified voltage and current, and is usually expressed in watts (W). A load's true power requirements may be different from its apparent power requirements, which include the power required to overcome losses due to resistance (R) and inductance (L). What is true power called? There is no definitive answer to this question as there is no universally accepted definition of "true power". However, some experts might refer to it as "active power" or "real power", while others might simply call it "power".

What is the use of true power?

The main use of true power is to improve the efficiency of the electrical grid. By using true power, utilities can more accurately match supply and demand, resulting in less wasted energy. Additionally, true power can help utilities to better manage peak demand, by providing information about when and where peak demand is occurring. This can allow utilities to take steps to reduce peak demand, such as by providing incentives for customers to use less energy during peak times.

How the true power can be expressed?

The true power can be expressed by the following equation:

P = VI cosθ


P is the true power in watts

V is the voltage in volts

I is the current in amps

θ is the phase angle between the voltage and current waveforms

cosθ is the power factor

Is true power stronger than One Power? No, true power is not stronger than One Power. The two concepts are not mutually exclusive, but rather complementary. One Power refers to the ability to control the Seven Powers, while true power refers to the ability to control oneself. Both are necessary for true strength.

Whats the difference between the One Power and the true power?

The One Power is the name of the ability to channel saidin and saidar, the two halves of the True Power. It is called the One Power because it is one ability, not two. The True Power is the Dark One's own power, and is separate from the One Power. It is called the True Power because it is the most powerful of the three.