A toroid is a ring-shaped transformer or inductor in which the windings are wound around a central ring. The toroidal shape enables the windings to be close to each other, which reduces the transformer's magnetic field and makes it more efficient.

What does toroidal shape mean? A toroidal shape is one that is roughly doughnut-shaped, with a hole in the center. This shape is often used in electrical and electronic applications, as it can be more efficient in terms of space and weight than other shapes. For example, toroidal inductors and transformers are often used in power supplies and audio equipment. Is toroid a magnet? No, a toroid is not a magnet. A toroid is a shaped like a doughnut and is used to create a magnetic field.

What is toroid formula?

The toroid formula is a mathematical formula used to calculate the inductance of a toroidal coil. The formula is:

L = μ * N2 * R / (2 * pi * a)


L is the inductance of the coil in henries
μ is the permeability of the material used to make the coil
N is the number of turns in the coil
R is the radius of the coil in meters
a is the radius of the toroid in meters Is a donut a toroid? Yes, a donut is a toroid. A toroid is a ring-shaped object with a hole in the center, and a donut is a type of toroid. Does a toroid have magnetic poles? No, a toroid does not have magnetic poles.