A tilde is a character that is used to represent a missing or unknown value. It is often used in mathematical or statistical equations to represent a variable that is not known. What does ∼ mean? The symbol ∼ typically denotes equivalence or approximately equal to. For example, the mathematical expression a ∼ b means that a is equivalent to b.

People also ask what does a tilde mean in texting?

A tilde (~) in texting typically indicates aCorrection or Clarification. For example, if someone types "I'm ~sure~ that's what they meant," the tildes might be used to show that the person is unsure, or that they're unsure if that's what the other person meant.

Keeping this in consideration, what is the tilde used for?

The tilde is a character on your keyboard that looks like this: ~. It is used in many programming languages as a way to represent "not" or "negation." In some programming languages, the tilde is also used to represent the "root" or "superuser" account. Accordingly, how is tilde pronounced? Tilde is pronounced like "til-duh". Regarding this, what is (-) symbol called? The (-) symbol is called a negative sign. It is used to indicate that a number is less than zero.