Supply-side platform (SSP)

A supply-side platform (SSP) is a type of software that allows digital publishers and website owners to manage the sale of their advertising inventory in a more efficient and effective way. SSPs provide publishers with a range of tools that help them to optimize the price and placement of their ads, as well as to track performance and manage inventory.

SSPs emerged in response to the growing complexity of the digital advertising ecosystem, which is made up of a large number of ad exchanges, demand-side platforms (DSPs), and other technology providers. SSPs provide publishers with a centralized platform from which to manage all their ad sales, and they offer a number of benefits, including:

- Increased Efficiency: SSPs help publishers to streamline the ad sales process by automating many of the tasks involved, such as ad optimization and inventory management. This enables publishers to sell more ads in a shorter period of time, and at a higher price.

- Greater Control: SSPs give publishers more control over the sale of their ad inventory, and they allow publishers to customize the way in which their ads are sold. This includes setting minimum prices for ad inventory, and choosing which ad exchanges and DSPs to work with.

- Improved Reporting: SSPs provide publishers with detailed reports on the performance of their ad campaigns, which helps publishers to identify areas where they can improve their performance.

The use of SSPs

What is an SSP sales side platform used for?

An SSP is a sales side platform that helps publishers manage their inventory and programmatic selling. It provides publishers with tools to help them optimize their inventory and sell their ad space in the most effective way possible. SSPs also provide publishers with data and insights that can help them understand their audience better and make more informed decisions about their ad sales strategy.

What are examples of Supply-side platforms?

Supply-side platforms (SSPs) are technology platforms that allow publishers to manage the sale of their advertising inventory in an automated fashion.

SSPs typically provide publishers with a user interface that allows them to set up inventory packages, price floors, and other rules that govern the sale of their inventory. In addition, SSPs often provide publishers with real-time reporting on the status of their inventory and the performance of their campaigns.

SSPs also typically provide publishers with access to a wide range of demand-side platforms (DSPs), which allows them to maximise the revenue they generate from their inventory.

What is Amazon's SSP? Amazon's SSP is a customer service platform that enables Amazon customers to contact Amazon customer service through a variety of channels, including phone, chat, and email. Amazon's SSP also provides a self-service knowledge base and FAQs to help customers resolve their own issues. Is Google a DSP or SSP? Google is not a DSP or SSP. Is Facebook a DSP or SSP? Facebook is not a DSP or SSP.