Scarlet Book

The Scarlet Book is the second volume of the codex containing the entire text of the Christian Bible in Latin, prepared in the 12th century for Pope Innocent III by order of Cardinal Hugolinus. It is a vellum manuscript in folio format, consisting of 1,150 pages with illuminations. The scarlet binding of the book is adorned with metal clasps and bosses. Is the book Scarlet appropriate? No, the book Scarlet is not appropriate. It is filled with profanity and explicit scenes that are not appropriate for younger readers. Does Cinder appear in Scarlet? Cinder does not appear in Scarlet. Are Scarlet and wolf mates? No, Scarlet and wolf are not mates. What happens in the end of Scarlet? The book ends with Scarlet and Wolf getting married. Who does Cinder end up with? At the end of Cinder, Cinder ends up with Prince Kai.