Moon’s mean radius

The Moon's mean radius is the average distance from the center of the Moon to its surface. It is 3,476 kilometers, or 2,159 miles. What is the Moon's radius in miles? The Moon's radius is 1,737.1 kilometers, or 1,080.7 miles. What is the radius and mass of the Moon? According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Moon has a mean radius of 1,079.6 miles (1,737.5 kilometers) and a mass of 7.35 x 10^22 kg. What is the area of moon? The area of the moon is approximately 3.793 x 10^7 square kilometers. Does the moon circle the Earth? The moon orbits around the Earth, completing one orbit every 27.3 days. The Earth's gravity keeps the moon in its orbit. The moon's orbit is not perfectly circular, but is instead elliptical, with the Earth at one of the foci. Is the moon round? Yes, the moon is round. It is not a perfect sphere, but it is close enough to being round that it is generally considered to be so.