A moniker is a type of object that represents a COM object. A moniker provides a way to identify an object and to bind to it. A moniker can be used to identify an object in the same process, in a different process on the same computer, or on a different computer. What does moniker mean in slang? A moniker is a name used to identify a particular resource. In programming, a moniker is often used to refer to a software component or library. For example, the Java platform is sometimes referred to as a "Java moniker." What is another word for moniker? There is no single word that has the same meaning as "moniker," but there are a few words that come close. "Alias" is perhaps the closest, followed by "handle" or "screen name."

What does personal moniker mean?

A personal moniker is a nickname or handle that is used to identify a person online. It is similar to a screen name or username, but is often more personal and can be used to convey a person's personality or interests. A personal moniker may be used on social media sites, forums, chat rooms, and other online communities. Why is a name called a moniker? A name is called a moniker because it is a unique identifier for an object.

Why is it called moniker?

The name "moniker" comes from the fact that this type of object is used to identify (or "name") a piece of data. Just as a person's name is used to identify them, a moniker is used to identify a piece of data. This data can be anything from a file to a database record.

Monikers are used in a variety of programming contexts, but they are most commonly used in object-oriented programming. In this context, a moniker is used to identify an object. This allows the programmer to refer to the object by its moniker, rather than by its actual name. This can be useful when the actual name of the object is not known, or when the object may be located in a different location (such as a different address space).