An entity is a piece of data that represents something within a system. This could be a person, place, thing, or concept. In a database, each row in a table is considered an entity. Each column in a table represents an attribute of that entity.

What is an example of an entity?

An entity is a representation of a real-world object or concept within the software system. For example, a customer entity might represent a customer within a shopping system, while a product entity might represent a product that can be purchased within that system. Is a entity a person? No, an entity is not a person. What does entity mean in work? An entity is a person, place, thing, or concept. In work, an entity might be a company, a project, a product, or a task.

How do you use the word entity?

The word "entity" can be used in a number of different ways, depending on the context in which it is used.

In general, an entity is something that exists separately from other things, and has its own independent existence.

In computing, an entity is often used to refer to a piece of data that is stored in a database. For example, a customer record in a database would be an entity.

In business, an entity is often used to refer to a company or organization. For example, "Google is an entity" or "The United Nations is an entity." What is entity type mean? An entity type is a data type that represents a real-world object or concept. Entity types are used to model the data in a database.