A dronie is a type of selfie taken by a drone, typically with the intention of capturing a wide-angle shot of the drone operator and their surroundings. What is a Dronie shot? A Dronie shot is a photo or video taken with a drone that captures the drone and its surroundings from a unique perspective. Dronie shots are often used to capture stunning landscapes or to get a bird's eye view of a subject. How do you do a Dronie? A dronie is a type of selfie taken with a drone. To take a dronie, simply fly your drone up and away from you while taking a photo or video. The resulting shot will be a unique perspective of you and your surroundings.

How do you use a Dronie mini Mavic?

To use a Dronie mini Mavic, first make sure that your drone is turned on and in a stable hover. Then, using the remote control, fly the drone up and away from yourself while simultaneously pointing the camera down at you. The drone will automatically take a picture or video of you as it flies away.

How do I get drones to follow me?

There are a few different ways that you can get drones to follow you. One way is to use a GPS tracker. You can attach a GPS tracker to your clothing or backpack, and the drone will be able to track your location and follow you. Another way to get drones to follow you is to use a camera. You can attach a camera to your body or to the drone itself, and the drone will be able to follow you by tracking your movements. Can the drone follow you? Yes, the drone can follow you.