"ColdFusion" refers to a software platform used for the development and deployment of web applications. ColdFusion was originally developed by Allaire Corporation and released in 1995. The software is currently owned and developed by Adobe Systems. ColdFusion is used by a variety of organizations, including small businesses, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. Does ColdFusion still exist? Yes, ColdFusion does still exist. It is a web application development platform created by Adobe Systems. ColdFusion is used for creating and deploying web applications and is especially well suited for database-driven applications. Is ColdFusion end of life? No, ColdFusion is not end of life. Adobe has announced that it will continue to support ColdFusion through 2025. Is ColdFusion a scripting language? No, ColdFusion is not a scripting language. ColdFusion is a programming language that runs on a web server, and is used to create dynamic web pages.

Who still uses ColdFusion?

Despite its declining popularity, ColdFusion is still used by a number of companies and developers. While its use has declined in recent years, there are still a number of companies that rely on ColdFusion for their web development needs. Additionally, there are a number of developers who are still skilled in ColdFusion and are able to provide support for existing applications. Does ColdFusion use Java? Yes, ColdFusion does use Java. ColdFusion is written in Java and runs on a Java EE server, such as Apache Tomcat or Adobe ColdFusion Server. ColdFusion can also take advantage of Java libraries and frameworks.