Net bias

Net bias is the difference in the average signal strength received from two or more wireless networks. It can be caused by a number of factors, including the location of the networks, the number of users on each network, and the type of antennae used. Net bias can also be caused by interference from other … Read more

Voice-enabled e-mail (voice-activated e-mail)

Voice-enabled e-mail (voice-activated e-mail) is an email service that can be controlled by voice commands. This type of email service is often used by people who are unable to use a traditional keyboard and mouse. Voice-enabled e-mail can be used to send and receive messages, create and manage contacts, and manage email accounts. How do … Read more

ICE (In Case of Emergency)

ICE is an acronym for “In Case of Emergency”. It is a term used to refer to a system of contact information that can be used to reach someone in the event of an emergency. ICE contact information is typically stored on a mobile device, such as a smartphone, in a dedicated contacts list or … Read more

Mobile data

Mobile data is the internet that you get from your phone. It’s the data that you use when you’re not connected to wifi. Mobile data is measured in megabytes (MB) and gigabytes (GB). What is mobile data used for? Mobile data is used to connect devices to the internet when they are not able to … Read more

Rechargeable battery

A rechargeable battery is a type of battery that can be recharged by passing an electric current through it. The process of recharging a battery is known as “charging.” There are two main types of rechargeable batteries: lithium-ion batteries and lead-acid batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are the most common type of rechargeable battery. They are used … Read more

Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is a tablet device developed by Amazon. It was first released in 2011 and has since been followed by several updated versions. The Kindle Fire offers access to a wide range of content and services, including books, magazines, newspapers, movies, TV shows, music, games, and apps. What does a Kindle Fire do? … Read more


A ringtone is a sound file that is used to indicate an incoming call or text message on a mobile phone. The ringtone can be either a pre-recorded sound file or a custom sound file that is created by the user. Which is best ringtone? There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the … Read more

Discontinuous transmission (DTX)

DTX is a term used in wireless communication to describe a discontinuous transmission scheme. In a DTX scheme, transmission is halted for a period of time, typically during pauses in speech, in order to save power. DTX schemes are often used in conjunction with Voice Activity Detection (VAD), which is used to detect when speech … Read more

Bring your own network (BYON)

Bring your own network (BYON) is a term used to describe the ability of consumers to connect their own devices to a wireless or mobile network. This can include laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other devices that can connect to the Internet. BYON can be seen as an extension of the bring your own device (BYOD) … Read more


An Ultrabook is a high-end, lightweight laptop designed to provide users with a PC experience similar to that of a tablet. Ultrabooks typically feature Intel processors and solid-state drives (SSDs), and are thinner and lighter than traditional laptops. Ultrabooks were introduced in 2011 by Intel, in response to the growing popularity of devices such as … Read more