Computational law

Computational law is the field of law that deals with the use of computers in the legal profession. This includes the use of computers for legal research, legal writing, and legal practice. It also includes the use of computers for the administration of justice, such as the use of computerized case management systems in courts. … Read more

Enterprise server

An enterprise server is a computer server designed for use in a corporate environment. It is typically more powerful and expensive than a consumer-grade server, and is designed to handle the increased workload and data storage requirements of a large organization. What is enterprise server associate? An enterprise server associate is responsible for managing and … Read more

Augmented intelligence

Augmented intelligence (AI) is defined as a technology that enhances human cognitive performance by providing real-time, contextually relevant information and recommendations. It is designed to help humans make better decisions, faster. There are three key components to augmented intelligence: 1. Machine learning: This is the ability of machines to learn from data and improve their … Read more

Social task management

Social task management is the process of assigning, tracking, and managing tasks within a team or organization. This can be done through a variety of methods, including online tools, physical whiteboards, or even simple Excel spreadsheets. The goal of social task management is to improve communication and collaboration within a team or organization. By centralizing … Read more

Property management system (PMS)

A property management system (PMS) is a software application that helps businesses manage their properties and assets. It provides a centralized system for tracking and managing all aspects of a property, from maintenance and repairs to rent collection and tenant screening. A PMS can be used by property management companies, landlords, and other businesses that … Read more

Legal analytics

Legal analytics is the application of data analytics to the legal field. It is used to help lawyers and legal professionals make better decisions, predict outcomes, and optimize their workflows. There are a number of different ways that legal analytics can be used. For example, it can be used to analyze past court cases to … Read more

Manufacturing resource planning (MRP II)

Manufacturing resource planning (MRP II) is a computer-based system that helps planners schedule and track production activities in a manufacturing environment. MRP II systems typically include features for managing materials, capacity, and quality. The goal of MRP II is to optimize the use of resources across the entire manufacturing process, from raw materials to finished … Read more

Payment processor

A payment processor is a company that facilitates the exchange of money between a merchant and a customer. A payment processor typically handles the authorization, clearing, and settlement of credit and debit card transactions. Some of the largest payment processors in the world include Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. What is a payment processor example? … Read more

Fleet management software

Fleet management software is a type of software that helps businesses manage their fleet of vehicles. It can help businesses keep track of their vehicles, their drivers, and their maintenance needs. It can also help businesses plan and optimize their routes, and track their fuel usage. Which software is used for fleet management? There is … Read more

Corporate culture

Corporate culture is the set of shared values, beliefs, and norms that define how employees behave within an organization. It can also be referred to as an organization’s “personality.” Corporate culture is important because it defines how employees interact with each other, customers, and other stakeholders. It also affects an organization’s ability to attract and … Read more