Linear integrated circuit (linear IC)

A linear integrated circuit (linear IC) is a type of integrated circuit (IC) in which the output signal is proportional to the input signal. Linear ICs are used to create amplifiers, filters, voltage regulators, and other types of circuits. The term “linear” refers to the fact that the output signal is a linear function of … Read more

Electric arc

An electric arc is a continuous electrical discharge that occurs when two conductors are in contact and an electric current is passed between them. The current causes a hot plasma to form between the conductors, which creates a conductive path that allows the current to flow. What cause electric arc? The electric arc is caused … Read more

Framing effect

The “framing effect” is a cognitive bias that occurs when people react to a particular choice in different ways depending on how it is presented, or “framed”. For example, people may be more likely to choose option A if it is framed as a gain (e.g., “you will receive a $10 bonus”), while they may … Read more

Tropospheric propogation

Tropospheric propagation is the propagation of radio waves through the troposphere, the lowest layer of Earth’s atmosphere. The troposphere extends from the surface of the Earth up to an altitude of about 10 kilometers (6 miles). Radio waves are able to travel through the troposphere because the troposphere contains a mixture of gases that are … Read more