Password blacklist

A password blacklist is a list of passwords that have been previously guessed or stolen and are therefore known to be insecure. Password blacklists are used as a security measure to prevent users from choosing passwords that are known to be insecure. Password blacklists are typically created by monitoring password guessing attacks and collecting the … Read more

Aakash tablet computer

The Aakash tablet computer is a low-cost, portable device that allows users to access the Internet, email, and other applications. The tablet is manufactured by the Indian company Datawind and was originally developed for the Indian government’s Aakash project, which aimed to provide affordable access to information and communication technology for students in developing countries. … Read more

Conservation of angular momentum

The law of conservation of angular momentum states that the angular momentum of a system will remain constant unless an external torque is applied. This means that if a robot is spinning, it will continue to spin unless something stops it. The angular momentum of a system can be calculated by taking the product of … Read more