Ryzen (AMD Ryzen)

Ryzen is a brand of central processing units (CPUs) marketed and designed by Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD). The brand was introduced in February 2017 with the release of the Ryzen 7 series CPUs. The Ryzen line of CPUs are designed to compete with Intel’s Core line of processors. AMD has positioned the Ryzen line … Read more

Open Networking Foundation (ONF)

Open Networking Foundation (ONF) is a non-profit, operator-led consortium that is driving transformation of network infrastructure and carrier business models. The Open Networking Foundation leverages SDN principles and disaggregation, using open source platforms and defined standards to enable network control and orchestration across a wide variety of multi-vendor hardware and software solutions. The Open Networking … Read more


A corollary is a logical consequence of a theorem. In other words, it is a statement that can be logically derived from a theorem. What’s another word for corollary? There is no one word that has the same meaning as “corollary,” but there are several words that have similar meanings, including “consequence,” “implication,” and “inference.” … Read more