Acceptable spam report rate

The acceptable spam report rate is the percentage of recipients who report an email as spam. This metric is important because it helps to determine whether an email is likely to be considered spam by recipients. A high spam report rate indicates that an email is more likely to be considered spam, and a low … Read more


A qubit is a quantum bit, a unit of information that can exist in more than one state simultaneously. Unlike a classical bit, a qubit can be in multiple states at the same time and can be manipulated and measured as if it were a single entity. Traditional bits can store a maximum of 2^64, … Read more

Content as a service (CaaS)

Content as a service (CaaS) is a cloud-based content management system that enables enterprise users to create, edit, collaborate on, and manage digital content. CaaS provides a central repository for all of an organization’s digital content, making it easy to search, share, and manage content across the enterprise. CaaS also provides tools for collaboration, workflow, … Read more