POS malware (point-of-sale malware)

POS malware is a type of malware that specifically targets point-of-sale (POS) systems in order to steal credit card and other sensitive information. POS systems are often targeted by attackers because they typically contain a large amount of credit card data which can be easily sold on the black market. POS malware is often spread … Read more

Passive reconnaissance

Passive reconnaissance is a type of security attack in which an attacker gathers information about a target system without interacting with it. This can be done by analyzing network traffic, scanning ports, or looking for publicly available information about the system. The goal of passive reconnaissance is to gain information about the system without being … Read more


The term “refurbish” refers to the process of cleaning, repairing, and testing a piece of used hardware so that it is like new again. This can be done to anything from a computer to a cell phone. What is a good synonym for refurbish? The word “refurbish” is most often used when referring to electronic … Read more