Software audit

A software audit is an assessment of a software program to determine whether it meets specific standards or requirements. Audits are important for quality assurance and can help identify potential areas for improvement in a software program. What is software audit why IT is necessary? A software audit is an examination of the code of … Read more


Coordinates are a set of values that define the position of a point in space. In two dimensions, coordinates are usually given as an ordered pair, consisting of a distance along the x-axis and a distance along the y-axis. In three dimensions, coordinates can be given as an ordered triple, consisting of a distance along … Read more

Purchase order

A purchase order is a formal document that is created by a buyer and sent to a supplier to request a product or service. The purchase order outlines the items that the buyer wants to purchase, the quantities, the prices, and the terms and conditions of the purchase. The supplier then sends a confirmation of … Read more

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