XML infoset (XML information set)

The XML Infoset is a data model that provides a framework for representing the information contained in an XML document. The XML Infoset is based on the concept of an information set, which is a set of information items that can be used to represent the information in a document. The XML Infoset defines a … Read more

File extension (file format)

A file extension is a three- or four-letter code that indicates the file format of a given file. For example, the file extension “.doc” indicates that the file is a Microsoft Word document, while the file extension “.jpg” indicates that the file is a JPEG image. File extensions are important because they tell your computer … Read more

Gross revenue

Gross revenue is the total revenue earned by a company before any deductions or expenses are taken out. This is the top line figure that is typically reported on a company’s income statement. Gross revenue is also sometimes referred to as gross sales. How do you calculate gross revenues? Assuming you are referring to Gross … Read more

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