Atomic essentially means "indivisible". In the context of programming, it means that an operation is performed as a single unit, without being interrupted.

For example, consider a program that needs to increment a counter. If the operation is not atomic, it is possible for another thread of execution to interrupt the first thread after it has read the counter's current value, but before it has written the incremented value back to the counter. In this case, the second thread would see the old value of the counter, and would end up incrementing it twice.

Making the operation atomic ensures that the first thread completes the entire operation before the second thread is able to start it. This guarantees that the counter will be incremented only once. What country is Atomic ski? There is no such country as Atomic ski. Where is atomic company located? The atomic company is located in the United States. What are Atomic skis made out of? Atomic skis are made out of a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and plastic. The specific materials used vary depending on the model and year of the ski, but all Atomic skis are made to be durable and lightweight. What is another word for atomic? There is no other word for atomic.

What makes something atomic?

An "atomic" operation is one that cannot be interrupted. It is either completed in its entirety, or not at all. This is in contrast to a "non-atomic" operation, which can be interrupted part-way through.

One example of an atomic operation is writing to a disk. Once the write operation has begun, it cannot be interrupted until it is complete. This is important, because if the power were to go out in the middle of a write operation, the data being written could be corrupted.

Another example of an atomic operation is reading from a disk. This is not as critical as writing, because even if the power were to go out in the middle of a read operation, the data that has already been read would not be affected.

Atomic operations are important in programming, because they help to ensure that data is not corrupted.