Approximate equality

The term "approximate equality" is used to describe a situation where two values are close to each other, but not necessarily equal. This concept is often used in mathematics and statistics when dealing with data that is not exact. For example, if two numbers are within 10% of each other, they can be considered approximately equal. How do you write approximate equal? The symbol for "approximately equal to" is the tilde (~). So, if you wanted to write "x is approximately equal to y," you would write "x ~ y." What does ≅ Mean in geometry? In geometry, the symbol ≅ is used to indicate that two figures are congruent to each other. This means that they have the same size and shape. What is the symbol for equivalent? The symbol for equivalent is "≡". What country's flag is ?? There is no country whose flag is ?.

What does :> mean in texting?

The ":>" symbol is known as a "greater than" sign, and it is typically used to indicate that one value is greater than another. For example, if we have two numbers, 3 and 5, we can use the greater than sign to show that 3 is less than 5:

3 < 5

However, in the context of texting, the ":>" symbol is often used to indicate that someone is better than someone else. For example, if we have two people, A and B, and we want to show that A is better than B, we might use the following:

A :> B